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For I was hungry, and you gave Me food…whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did it for me.

– MATTHEW 25:35,40

Kim McKeand


When people ask me why I serve on the Byron Saunders Foundation Fairfield County Board, I tell them it is because I see a heartbreaking need in my own backyard.  God has truly blessed me over the years, but I was once a struggling single parent trying to raise two small children on a salary that barely paid the rent.  My church family helped me out with groceries occasionally and I never forgot about their kindness and generosity. Now it is time for me to give back to my community through the Byron Saunders Foundation.  My role as marketing chair is to let our community know who we are and that our mission is to provide Thanksgiving Day meals for those who might otherwise not have one!  So please give generously from your heart and tell your friends and family about the Byron Saunders Foundation!

Rebecca Bickel / Jon Bickel

Secretary / Treasurer

We believe that every family deserves the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a holiday meal together without worrying about how they are going to afford it or what it is going to look like. It is important to keep traditions, to make traditions, and to have the ability to keep holidays special even during those times when you need a little help in doing so.

We believe in doing our part to support and strengthen our community and the Byron Saunders Foundation is a great way to do that. We are honored to be a part of this wonderful organization. We are raising a family here in Pickerington and feel that aiding families right here in our own community is a wonderful way to give back and say ‘thank you’ to that very same community for giving us such a wonderful place to raise our family.

Bruce McKeand

Logistics Chair

Bruce McKeand is a small business owner qualified with over 40 years of experience in his field. His company, CGP, LLC, has been in the appraisal and antiques industry since 1978. He is a leading provider of valuations, and over the past few years, he has established a proven track record for quality, trustworthy appraisals. Presently, his company is involved with many senior citizen networking organizations, and he has helped many seniors to downsize and obtain top dollar for their possessions. He is actively involved in Grace Fellowship Church, Cornerstone Professional Networking, and actively seeks out antique treasures on a daily basis. He is proud to be the Logistics Chair for Byron Saunders Fairfield County.  

Susi Vermillion

Marketing Chair

I am a wife of a local firefighter and mother of 5 children. As a family, we try our best to invite others into our hearts and into our home. We are very active in global missions in Haiti and elsewhere. So, when invited to come alongside the foundation here in our own community, I was happy to be a part of it, as well. I am definitely blessed with the opportunity to serve our community with the Byron Saunders Foundation. My position allows my family and I to be a part of serving and helping others while making our community aware of these needs. It’s important to reach out and give selflessly and that’s what I hope to do, both as a family and as a part of BSF. I was fortunate to grow up with our founder, Brian Wollenberg and know his true heart and genuine love of others. So, being able to join him in this endeavor has been a beautiful gift!

Heather Landon

Fundraising Chair

I am a mother of 2 sons and a proud supporter of community endeavors. When asked to serve on the Byron Saunders Foundation Fairfield County Board, I was honored. There are many great leaders and supporters of this organization who have a servant heart and I knew I would grow personally by being around them. In all parts of the state and country, there are so many families in need – as a child, my family was one of them. I am forever grateful to have been blessed by others. I began my direct involvement in this organization with a New Year’s Resolution – to make an impact on the people and families of Fairfield County. This foundation does exactly that. We are driven to provide Thanksgiving Meals to families who might not be able to have one otherwise. I encourage anyone who has the ability to support your local community through this foundation to get involved! You can volunteer your time, donate directly or begin your own food drive. The most important part is to just get involved! Giving always feels good! “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop 

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Fairfield County Chapter President

Kim McKeand

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