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Brian Wollenberg

Founder and President

For me, the reason we are here is Love. We are here to love our fellow humans and do what we can to help them – without prejudice. I saw a real need around Thanksgiving, to help individuals and families that are struggling. Everyone should get to enjoy a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving meal. I am very pleased with how we have been able to grow the effort to touch the lives of thousands.

Gina Winterstein

Vice President

One simple act of kindness can lend itself in a chain reaction of undeniable life changing consequences.  Just “one small stone” tossed into the water that creates a ripple effect that goes on and on.  We need to create sustainable idea’s and support to fight hunger right here in Ohio.  No one should ever be hungry.  It all starts with just one person.  I want to help to make that difference.

Dave Dikeman


David is a 15 year veteran of the mortgage lending industry. He became a partner in Homestead Mortgage Company in 2000. Since selling the company in 2008, David has worked at community banks. He has a loving wife of 30 years and raised two girls in the Lewis Center, Ohio. “Thanksgiving has always represented families having a joyful meal together. The Byron Saunders Foundation allows families to preserve this institution no matter what difficulties they may have.”

Annette Neff


I have received so much more than I have given each time I’ve volunteered with the BSF. I’m amazed and energized when helping with the organized chaos that results in so many hundreds of people being fed and loved.  I’m very excited to be part of the board where I’ll have an opportunity to serve with intention and purpose.  The ability to use my skills in connecting people and collecting and organizing information taps into a fundamental purpose of life – to be useful and be part of something bigger than myself.

Susie Wagner

Marketing Committee Chair

I choose to support this organization because I know that there are many people who don’t have the basic human necessities to live. I know this because, my own father, lacked food as a child.  There were many days that he did go hungry. His stories of struggle have always stuck with me.

Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” I believe, with a motivated team, we can impact our community in a positive way and make a difference.

Katy Tombaugh

Fundraising Chair

I believe that life is about the people you meet and what you create with them.

I initially became involved with Bryon Saunders about two years ago upon meet its founder, Brian, and learning about the mission. It’s easy to get to “yes” when the mission is making certain that every family has the food they need for Thanksgiving.

Being in the health and wellness industry, I know that part of my well-being is satisfied by being active in the community and making a difference. My business was founded on the values of people first, positive impact and live your passion. The mission and people at Byron Saunders align perfectly with these values and I can’t wait to see what’s possible in the years ahead!

Families. Food. Philanthropy. I’m all in!

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